About Us

After teaching and training European martial arts for several years in St. Louis, Scott Brown moved to Houston in 2007 where he teamed up with Dakao Do and Chris Cunningham to officially form Sword to Sword.  Together they refined and amplified the unique Sword to Sword teaching and training methods while simultaneously expanding the membership into the thriving club that it is today.  In 2011, Scott moved to Orlando and he and Dakao continue to broaden the Sword to Sword program.

Sword to Sword primarily focuses on training the Kunst des Fechtens or "Arts of Combat" of the Germanic cultures.  Weekday classes typically focus on the longsword teachings of the famous Meister Johannes Liechtenauer's disciples.  Weekend classes generally focus on the sword and buckler teachings of the Royal Armouries manuscript I.33* also known as the "Art of the Priest". 

Passionately dedicated to the training, study, and promotion of historical European martial arts, Sword to Sword offers several training options and "expansion" programs beyond our longsword and sword and buckler programs.  These include grappling, dagger, dussack, langes messer, rapier, polearms, sabre, and singlestick. These options are available through personal training, seminars, and occasional specialty classes.  See our "Training" pages for more details.  

Sword to Sword is also the host group for the annual WMA / HEMA event Fechtschule America, home of North America's largest HEMA-specific tournaments and specialty training workshops.  This event is sponsored by The Western Martial Arts Coalition and the HEMA Alliance.  To learn more about Fechtschule America please visit the homepage at www.fechtschuleamerica.com.

*Schedules subject to change.