Schwert am Schwert (Sword to Sword) is an historical fencing and European martial arts club dedicated to the training, study, and promotion of the combat arts of old Europe.  These Western Martial Arts (WMA), also known as Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA), date as far back as the early 1300's and have been passed down to today's practitioners in a number of forms including living traditions and a wide assortment of documented sources.  

At Schwert am Schwert we focus on the Kunst des Fechtens, or "Arts of Combat," of the Germanic martial systems of the 14th-16th centuries.  Our primary areas of study are the longsword, sword and buckler, and rapier.  We offer additional programs to support martial artists interested in equestrian combat, dussack, dagger, military sabre, dussack, poleaxe, quarterstaff, messer, and more.

Schwert am Schwert is dedicated to developing functional martial systems based on the teachings of the historical writings tempered by practical hands-on experience.  It is important to recognize that we are not a re-enactment group or renaissance faire troupe although many of our members also participate in such activities.  All are welcome to train with Schwert am Schwert.  If you're interested in swordsmanship or fighting systems of any kind, we hope you'll come and see what we're all about.

If you are interested in historical martial arts methods, competing, or just looking for a great way to improve your health, Schwert am Schwert is the place for you!

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